The Huddersfield Branch of the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs (BAGSD) has been conducting training of German Shepherd Dogs for over 60 years.
The national association of BAGSD is based in Birmingham and there are over 40 branches in the UK, of which Huddersfield is one of the largest. Our present training venue in Huddersfield is at Bradley Mills Cricket and Bowling Club just off Leeds Road in Barr Street.

We have an enthusiastic committee who are elected yearly. Our qualified Instructors all strive to do their very best for all of our members and their dogs.
Our Instructors aim is not to train your dog, but to help you acquire the necessary skills to train your own dog. At first you will find it hard work, but persevere and the rewards will be worthwhile. Remember, although your German Shepherd may be your companion and pet, it is going to grow up to be a big strong animal and the sooner it understands what you want him or her to do, the easier it will be for you, your dog and your whole family.

Depending on circumstances we may run agility classes during the summer months and take part in displays and competitions
Progress Days are held twice a year with tests to suit which ever level you have reached with your dog. Trophies and Diplomas are awarded to winning qualifiers from each class. Awards are presented in a social ‘get together’ in the afternoon after Progress day.
The club is also involved in The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Schem

No experience is necessary to train at the club and Junior membership is available for under 18 years who need to attend with an adult.

Training takes place on the cricket field for older dogs and in the safe, puppy pen for puppies up to 6 months.  All classes may train at different times with various instructors.  Dogs with problems or requiring extra input are taken on a one to one basic if instructors are available. We encourage members to attend regularly so they can progress with their dogs and also most enjoy the socialising and getting to know other dogs and handlers. The Club house is available with toilets and tea/coffee and refreshments at the break. There is currently no disabled access to the club house however new premises are planned which will have this facility in the future.

e and members are encouraged to take the various levels.